Be you, bravely!

That is the theme of season three—looking at how we deal with the expectations of others and how we respond to what they think we should be. Other topics include setting boundaries, clear communication, and how to become more integrated in our lives. 

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How do we take all of our experiences and the things we’ve observed and become more comfortable with them? Learning to do so will help us to grow and better understand ourselves and our relationships.  

Season three will include many exciting interviews, including interviews with Dave Hollis and Paula Pant discussing the raw, honest truth about how to find our path and what the whole process looks like. 

Jillian is also going to be talking about many things that are frequently misunderstood, such as affirmation, finding your passion, and so much more. 

“That’s part of what we’re going to be looking at this season. Not only what we plan to do, but what’s true for us, what’s exciting for us; how do we bring our whole self with that?”

Figuring all of this out has been a huge part of Jillian’s journey, and she’s excited to share what she has learned. If you’re trying to figure out your passions, your personality, where you want to end up in life, how to make progress, and even how to deal with disappointing others, this season will be full of exciting, deep discussions that build on each other and will hopefully help you on your journey.