Jillian is joined by Cait Flanders, author of Adventures in Opting Out, to discuss how Cait’s last decade of living intentionally emboldened her to abandon the paths that lead her to places she didn’t want to go. 

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Jillian reminds us that being “stuck at a six” isn’t the goal. Joined by writer, traveller, and entrepreneur, Cait Flanders, this episode nudges us toward the things we need to opt out of in order to find our truest selves. 

In her last ten years, Cait has made drastic changes from the route she was told to pursue. She took control of her sobriety, spending, and the narrative that told her what she should be doing with her life.

“Everything looked good and fine. I could see that I could stay on the path… All of that would have been fine, but it just was not what I wanted. “

It wasn’t easy and she learned that not every relationship would withstand a route change on the way to the summit. Successful relationships, like the decisions we make for our futures, do not have to be written in stone to stand for all time. A good relationship is one where both people cared for one another, learned from one another, and were able to let go of one another without it being a negative experience. The idea that every relationship is “for a reason, a season, or a lifetime” can open us up to new relationships and allow us to let go of good relationships that weren’t meant to be forever. 

As we consider what it means to opt out, Cait says that, 

“Anything you try will teach you something.”

When we embrace this attitude, we recognize that embarking on any new trail will force us to encounter unpredicted situations, but instead of feeling like a failure and giving up when we come upon them, we can courageously embrace them. For there is rarely a time when anything is as awful as we predicted with our worst-case scenarios. To grow means to continually move forward. It may not be on a straight line, but the journey to your most authentic self is one worth taking.