Creating Your Quit List

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Jillian related that she isn’t the best quitter. She is better at pushing through the work and difficulty and not creating a ruckus about it. However, if we don’t want things in our life to be stuck at just mediocre, sometimes getting rid of them is the best solution.

“The reality is, if we’re going to double down on the stuff that’s really important to us; if we’re going to focus in and really try to lean in and make some progress, we’re probably going to have to give some stuff up.”

If we really want to free up space in our lives for the things that are important and move us toward our goals, some things may have to go. It could be projects, expenses, habits, or even relationships that go on your quit list.

Your quit list should have three different categories. 

The first category should be the stuff that just needs a full stop. If it’s not serving you and helping you reach your goals, it’s best to get rid of it. The next category is where you put the things that are important, but maybe need to go on pause. Finally, make a category to put things that you just need to wait on. Things that you’d like in the future, but are not ideal for where you are currently at. 

“Timing can be so important in our financial life. As we make purchases and decisions, you can make the exact same decision and it be a horrible idea at 22 and a really good idea at maybe 55.”

Some things may just need to wait. There may be some large purchase, for example, that’d you’d really like to make in the future. For Jillian, this happened when she wanted to purchase a new car. 

The car she was currently using was worn and beat up, and one of her coworkers thought that the car was an embarrassment. She could have caved in and bought a new car, but Jillian knew what her coworker didn’t—her car was bringing her closer toward her dreams and goals. 

It’s not other people’s job to understand what goals and dreams we have.

We have to do what’s best for us. Sometimes that means putting a pause on things we really want right away. But by making a quit list and being willing to be patient, we can free up time for what is important and make better progress toward our ultimate goals. 

Here’s a breakdown of the episode:

[00:31] What is a quit list? It can be hard to quit, and Jillian admits that she isn’t a great quitter, but she explains the importance of quitting things that don’t propel you toward your goals.

[02:20] There are three categories you should make for your quit list. Some things need to completely stop—others need to be put on pause or just waited on until the time is right.

[3:43] Jillian had many things in her life that needed to be put on pause when she opened her home to three adopted kids. When the time was right, she was able to continue with those things. Some things may not be right for us right now, but will be in the future!

[6:19] Jillian tells the story of how she used to have a car that was cosmetically worn down. Her coworker thought the car was bad representation and that it needed to go, but Jillian understood that her car was helping her reach her dreams and goals.

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