Is there a silver lining to 2020? Clients and friends join Jillian to share their best moments from the last year. You will be surprised and encouraged by the progress made during an unpredictable year. 

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Looking back on 2020 might cause anxiety for many, but for Jillian, her husband Adam, and several of her clients and friends, 2020 was a year that had a lot of silver linings. 

Instead of saying, 

“I’ll just hunker down and wait this out.” 

Many found opportunities to build relationships, get closer to financial independence, and make progress in their personal and professional lives. 

The year brought new homes, new babies, new relationships, and new priorities. 

Everyday courage meant laying the groundwork in 2020 for things to flourish in 2021. It meant letting go of some goals and finding fulfillment in prioritizing what matters. It meant embracing life in the moment because 2020 showed us that nothing is guaranteed. 

For those that made progress toward reaching financial independence, 2020 revealed the real benefits of living the FI life now while you are still on the journey. It helped give a glimpse of what it means to do fulfilling work and prioritize the people that matter most. 

While we don’t know what 2021 will bring, there is peace in knowing that new adventures are out there, waiting for us to take the first step. How can you set the groundwork for 2021 to be your best year yet? Allow Jillian, Adam, Kelly, Brakica, Angel, Kevin, Josh, and Melanie to encourage you in your journey as they share their best of 2020 moments.