The always delightful, Alan Donegan, shares how focusing on personal development has helped him create a life that is unrecognizable from where he was a decade ago.

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“I feel terrible… I feel inadequate to the people I am calling… That’s where I’m stuck”

These words from PopUp Business School co-founder, Alan Donegan’s journal might seem surprising. Alan has experienced incredible personal and financial success over the last decade, but this Rebel Entrepreneur wasn’t always the person he is today.

Finding himself without a job, a girlfriend, or a clue he sat on a beach and read a book. This simple act ignited a passion to learn from others and apply the concepts they taught in his life. This focus on personal development has enabled him to change his entire trajectory.

His first break as an entrepreneur came from a teacher friend who needed his help. As he spent time creating a course that taught people how to build businesses without debt, he knew it could change lives, including his own.

While we want to believe that things will just happen, the reality is that it takes work and time. Alan, knowing the importance of relationships was driven to enhance his communication skills and invested his time in a long-term goal.

“People overestimate what they can achieve in a year and completely underestimate what they can achieve in a decade”

Alan’s success reinforces this concept and he is now surrounded by a supportive community of people who believe in him and his work. Everyone needs a community of people.

“Everything you want in life is done through or with other people. And it’s the quality of those relationships that changes everything”

Whether you are a writer, a chef, a filmmaker, or any other occupation, you need others in your sphere that you can share with, learn from, and be encouraged by. It sounds so simple, meet new people and make new friends, but it will take all the ordinary, imperfect, everyday courage you can muster.

“You can build and create anything … The next ten years will pass whether you want them to or not. It’s your choice what you build… The extraordinary belongs to those that create it.“