Are you climbing the right ladder to success? Kiersten from Rich and Regular shares her story of switching ladders to fit her goals. 

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Climbing the ladder to success is all well and good, unless you are on the wrong ladder. Jillian welcomes Keirsten, from Rich and Regular, to discuss how to change the blueprint of your life to suit your goals.

Keirsten was raised by hard working parents who taught her the value of working harder than others and becoming your very best.

“My parents were very hardworking. They grew up in Texas. They were the first generation out of the Jim Crow south and the first ones able to work not as slaves or sharecroppers. And they adopted a work ethic because they were looking to move our family forward.”

This intense inherited work ethic, her “type A”  personality, and easy way with people enabled her to find professional success in the marketing world. However, her husband wisely pointed out that she was not going to be able to out-earn her spending tendencies.

As Keirsten grew in her financial journey, she also became a mom. Parenthood, coupled with the unpredictableness of the job market she was in, became the catalyst to rethinking how she viewed her job and the purpose of her income. She wanted more control of her time and she didn’t want to be torn between work and family.

Deciding to make the transition to full time entrepreneurship was easier said than done. Everyone has a plan, but when it comes to implementing the plan, there are trigger points that cause doubt, fear, or old thought patterns to creep in. We will never be organized enough to make a transition easy, so embrace the messiness knowing that it is still a good decision.

“You can change your life anytime you decide you want to.”Keirsten is leaving behind her need to make everyone comfortable but keeping her optimism as she publishes her new book. She is digging deep to find the courage to make new friends and embrace her new wholehearted lifestyle.