How realistic is it for the average person to pursue financial independence (FI)? Jillian offers a hopeful message about making progress in the next decade toward FI. 

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Jillian’s mission is to help others design a life they love on the road to financial independence. 

When she and Adam were starting their own journey, with small salaries and thousands in debt, the idea that they would reach financial independence (FI) by age thirty-two seemed inconceivable! 

This season of Everyday Courage has shown us that ten years can make a world of difference in who we are, in our relationships, in our businesses, and in our finances! What seems impossible can actually be very doable with a little tenacity and hope.

Admittedly, Jillian didn’t have a ton of hope at the beginning of their journey, but the little bit she did have fueled their success.

A small nugget of hope might be just the right amount of courage you need to reach your goals.

If the goal of 100% FI seems too overwhelming, what would it look like for you to reach 50% FI in the next decade? 

“If you can get 50% of the way to FI, honestly you can get 80% of the benefits of being financially independent, if not 100%”

Using real-world examples, Jillian takes us through the changes needed to begin spending less, saving more, and putting your money to work through investments. You might be surprised that once you get started your hope and commitment levels rise to reach your goals more quickly. 

A lot can happen in ten years, but without hope, intention, and direction many people will be in the same exact spot financially. By choosing to do things differently, engaging positively with your money, and committing to making progress you may be amazed at the newfound freedom you will possess in another ten years.